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The Upland Game birds we hunt at Shenandoah Are Quail and Pheasant.

Our Quail hunts include a seasoned guide and outstanding dogs for your day afield. At both our properties, we utilize early release Quail programs as well as an aggressive management of habitat for wild Quail. We prefer over and under shotguns on our quail hunts of 20 gauge and smaller with #7.5 or #8 shot. On our pheasant shoots either a 12 gauge or 20 gauge of any configuration is welcome  and we recommend #4 or #5 shot.


Shenandoah Plantation has purchased a commercial fowl hunting preserve license, which allows our hunters the privilege of hunting fowl under our preserve license.

Our Day Quail Hunts generally begin around 9 am CST. Hunters will load into the Jeep or wagon and proceed through the property on a hunting course. The terrain is varied with rolling hills, fields and bottoms. The hunters will break for  lunch around 12 noon and go to the main house or lodge for a hot Southern meal. The afternoon hunt begins around 1 and ends around 4 pm.

Our Overnight hunters generally arrive late on the afternoon before the hunt and settle into the lodge. A hot Southern meal is served for dinner that evening at whatever time is arranged by the Quail hunters and their host. A breakfast of eggs, bacon and the works is generally served the following morning at 8am CST. The hunters will load into the jeep or wagon and proceed through the property on a hunting course. The hunters will break for lunch around 12 noon and go to the lodge for sandwiches or a light lunch.The afternoon hunt begins around 1pm and ends around 4pm.

Day Quail Hunts

Overnight hunts

We offer Quail hunts in a variety of styles from walk style hunting of short term released birds, to hunting early release birds from our customized jeeps, to hunting off horse back. You choose the style hunt you want. We use both English Setter and English Pointer Birddogs with Labrador and Boykin Spaniel Retrievers as flushing dogs and to find downed quail.

Quail hunt styles

  • Customized Jeep Hunts:

Our Jeeps are set up to handle up to 6 hunters; however, hunts can be conducted for two, four or six shooters per party, although only two hunters will shoot on any covey rise. These hunts can be scheduled for overnight or just day hunts.                      

  • Horse Back Hunts:

We require a minimum of four hunters for our hunts by horseback. In addition to the dog handler and his scout, a third guide will drive the dog wagon so that fresh dogs will be available through out your hunt. These hunts can cover more territory than the jeep hunts and generally require more acres in the course.

Call us and book your  hunt today.


We are conducting a limited number of scheduled Tower or Continental Pheasant shoots at Shenandoah, however we can generally schedule a private shoot for your group anytime during the season, please call to inquire. Our field is setup with 15 stands and we do shoots with either one or two shooters per station. Shoots can be conducted throwing from 200 birds to 500 birds.

Pheasant Hunting

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